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About Me
Oil paintings represent a major part of my artwork since 1980. The last several years I have wanted to paint full time as well as felt a desire for a new medium. I have branched out to watercolor, pastels, acrylic, and mixed media . I still enjoy oil painting and frequently it is my medium of choice.

Much of my artwork is from my own photography taken while on our vacations. I use many of my photos as the source of the imagery. I have been a amateur photographer for 30 years.

About Traveling & Painting
Traveling and photography. It is exciting to look at your suroundings and try to picture them in a painting and when your pictures turn out, they can be an inspiration.

I always have my camera ready because you never know what you will find. To not have my camera is to miss out on an opportunity.

About My Festivals
I am not currently exhibiting my art work at festivals. I have been spending my spare time teaching and enjoying life

My E-mail

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